Video Podcasts

Ideas from the EDGE

Ideas from the EDGE is a series of video podcasts from Edgewater, exploring a range of topics that are of keen interest to our clients.

Ranzal Healthcare Analytics (RHA) Productivity Management Overview

Our friends at Edgewater Ranzal have provided a demo of the Labor and Productivity Management Dashboard they have created as part of their RHA suite of solutions.

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Edgewater Healthcare Consulting discusses the challenges Accountable Care Organizations face as they try to make timely decisions without full access to the organization-wide data they need.

1. Edgewater Healthcare Analytics

An article on about the promises and challenges of Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs). Do you agree with the challenges discussed? How does ACO leadership get the data necessary for timely decision making quickly? Before the overwhelming technical integration issues are fully addressed?

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2. ACO Disease Specific Analytics

“What can Edgewater’s Accountable Care Analytics do for me that we cannot already do with our EHR and patient financials reporting?”

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3. Accountable Care Analytics

Take a data-driven approach to achieving value-based healthcare.

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 4. Patient Panel Analytics

Healthcare providers and management need to be empowered with tools to analyze information about their practice in which much effort is spent creating the data.

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