How does your company handle major change?

Although many large technology initiatives fail because an inadequate or inefficient change management framework, many companies still lack a consistent approach in supporting their employees and external stakeholders through major system implementations and other significant business initiatives.



There are many reasons for this.

  • The roles and responsibilities for communication, training, and monitoring performance remain vague.
  • The approach varies from department to department.
  • Information is pushed out once in the wrong format (usually by email) and not made available on a portal under version control. We see this often in companies that have an immature or outdated collaboration style.

We’ve put together a short poll on change management approaches. Please take a moment to tell us how your organization handles major change, and share your thoughts in the comments.

What’s your project collaboration style?

A lot of today’s news has covered inaugural fashion style, but let’s get back to business and talk about collaboration style. We’ve seen a lot of different approaches to project team collaboration, and are wondering how our readers’ project teams work together on shared project files. Please take a moment to answer this poll, and feel free to comment on your answer in the combox.