Star Trek: The Next Generation Policy Administration Insight from Scottie

Cheese Log Star Date 9/14/2011…..

“She cannae take any more, Captain, that’s all she’s got. The core cannae take any more stress.”

The Cheeseship Enterprise Crew

This is the ever-present line when Captain Kirk would yet again request Scottie to do the unimaginable and provide more power from the warp core. Believe it or not, this is the guide to Policy Administration for all Comic-Con attendees and other extreme fans who like to dress in Star Trek costumes for their weekend barbecues.

However, where is this all leading? Well, why did Kirk always call upon Scottie? Because Scottie had nothing else to do in the show and was supposed to be a main character?   Or more likely, because it’s common to look to the very core of the Enterprise to solve all of our issues?

In hundreds of years, when the USS Enterprise exists, will we always look to the core of our enterprise for the only solution? It has dawned on me that over time, Policy Administration systems and the need for additional functionality or performance have caused people to rush the conclusion that the PAS must be replaced. Most often these decisions are made without the proper planning and expertise to consider the entire enterprise, nay even the universe of solutions outside your enterprise that may either avert the need for such a project or indeed “buy significant time.”

Enterprise planning and the must-do precursor to a successful PAS project is oft overlooked with two major issues arising

  • The Policy Admin replacement may not be the best idea for your enterprise at this time
  • If Policy Admin replacement is the correct path then considerable Enterprise modernization and improvements abound as “low hanging fruit” to the project, oft overlooked and left to rot

So before you call on Scottie and shout at him for more and more or before you decide to buy the new Romulan warp core, I suggest you take a step back to see if, in fact, the Enterprise has other solutions to get you where you need to go. If not, make sure you take full advantage of the upgrade.
Cheese Out.