Healthcare’s New Mantra

Reduce Costs;
Improve Outcomes & Quality; Increase Revenue & Growth

Everything we do for our healthcare clients’ improves these fundamental core principles – Everything! I mean it, seriously, we have a history of delivering innovative solutions to common problems and each one of them helps accomplish these goals.

REDUCE COSTS: I know you have too many people collecting and scrubbing data – patient safety data, quality data, financial data, operational data….and so on. I also know you pay these people too much money to just be data collectors. Stop wasting your money and their skill sets. Data collection should be a commodity, it’s definitely NOT a competitive advantage. We’ll integrate your data, clean it up before it’s used, and present it in a way that is intuitive and actionable. We’ve done it before and guess what happened….yup $$$$ Millions $$$$$ of dollars saved.

IMPROVE OUTCOMES: I know you spend the majority of your time collecting data, leaving very little time to analyze and act on it. Your patients don’t benefit from data collection. They benefit from your ability to take the data you’ve collected, interpret it, and embed the best practices you’ve uncovered back into the clinical workflows. They also rely on you to identify areas of improvement to educate clinicians before a small problem turns into a big lawsuit. Let us enable advanced analytics with strong data governance to improve clinical processes across the continuum of patient care.

IMPROVE QUALITY: Question: Are you quality driven or compliance driven? Ok now be honest with yourself and answer again. You can have the best processes in the world in place to massage your numbers and report out to CMS in a timely and efficient manner but guess what, that doesn’t translate into better outcomes. BUT…if you have the processes in place to ensure high quality outcomes, your quality numbers will naturally improve. Outcomes first! We’ll align your data needs with your reporting needs, automate the collection and aggregation, and put data in the hands of people who know what to do with it…(before the patients are discharged).

INCREASE REVENUE: Do you know where your high revenue drivers lie? What procedures physicians, payers, discharge service codes, and DRG’s make you the most money? Can you plan and forecast your net patient revenue based on these changing dimensions and their expected volume 3, 6, 9 months out? If you can, congratulations you’re one step ahead of your competition. If you can’t, we can help you accomplish all of these goals as well as any other need your CFO and Strategic Planners have.

GROW: Do you want to track where you patient referrals are coming from to get a better ROI on your marketing dollars? We’ve implemented healthcare XRM (the “X” is for any stakeholder group – patients, physician groups, managed care plans, you name it) to tie the marketing campaign directly to the patient visit.