Be Interesting

Internet memes are the next logical step in the evolution of the Internet. I’m sure you’ve seen them. The syphilis of cyberspace, memes are simple yet powerful ideas that propagate the web. Remember any viral online marketing campaigns you’ve seen? Have you ever used “LOL” when you thought something was funny? What about that kid “planking” on a tiger? (Not the best idea, BTW.) Those are all memes.

Image macros are one of the best examples. Consisting of funny, simple text on an photo, image macros are a basic and versatile format for spreading an idea. While they’re mostly used by Gen Yers and internet junkies, the concepts image macros represent are seeping their way into pop culture and society.

But, unless you’re a lazy college senior or an annoying Facebook girl, why should you care? You should care because it’s not the content that matters, but the style and speed in which it was delivered.

Think about it: the image macro hits its target at the most basic level. Brief, effective, bold text. A colorful and catchy picture. A max reading time of three seconds. After awhile, your audience has become used to that aggressive and quick method of thought propagation.

No one cares if you aren’t bold and eye-catching. They’ve lost focus if what you have to say lasts more than two seconds. If you’ve written a wall of text, you’re going to need a TL;DR. In the world of judgement and snap-decisions, you need to embrace the way consumers think, or you risk losing them and their business.

In the spirit of this mentality, I offer to you five of our blogs in “meme” form:

Social Media Slowpoke

“The New Arms Race: Social Customer Care” as Slowpoke
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Bad Brian Meme

“Will you be able to see the Black Swan?” as Bad Luck Brian
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ERP Enterprise Resource Planning

“Is ERP Success Really Such a Secret?” as Boromir
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Tech Duck Polaris

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM Polaris” as Tech Impaired Duck
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Grumpy Cat

“Why EMR’s Are Not Panacea’s for Healthcare’s Data Problems” as Grumpy Cat
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Happy Holidays

hotcocoWith the holidays quickly approaching, we reflect on this time of appreciation. Edgewater would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading our blog and following our thoughts. Whether you are a client, a partner, a team member, or a reader, we hope that you find peace and enjoyment during this holiday season.

May the holidays and the new year be healthy and happy for you and your family. We look forward to sharing with you all in the coming year. See you in 2013!