Wise up! Grow up!

OK. I am more than a little weird. I find valuable change management lessons from varied sources like the animal kingdom, daredevil cyclists, the great American roadtrip, and I hang out with people who think in similar bizarre ways.

Because my household now includes a boomerang young adult in residence while in grad school after years of independence, the lesson du jour is this:

Sometimes it’s not just tasks or individual behaviors that need to change (because you can’t even list them all).

You need to change the fundamental relationship, and everything else flows from there.

It’s the same for IT, the enterprise apps, and the end user community:

Behaviorwise, it’s:

Out with the OLD!

old IT

  • Ask IT to run a query
  • Wait for an overnight report to print
  • Ask sales to ask their key customers for feedback
  • Monthly buyers’ meeting to review supplier performance
  • I’ll review it Monday when I am back in the office


In with the NEW!

new IT

  • Do it yourself drilldown
  • View it graphically onscreen NOW
  • Analyze social media sentiment directly
  • Real time supplier scorecards
  • I can check the stats while I wait for lunch



The IT/End User Relationship needs to GROW UP from this:

spoon feeder






To this:







IT should only provide the essential services (keep  the servers up and running, maintain  the database, keep  the application patched, and administer  security). The End User should engage directly with the application to interact with business information without begging IT for every query or report or view.

These basic skills around information self-service are an important part of getting through the change management curve , and you should begin stressing them even before training users on core transaction processing.

Be a good IT parent: give your end users the life skills they need to grow up.

Does your training plan devote enough time, the right exercises, and tips to help users master  basic skills?

Are you letting people know how the new software will empower them to get the answers they need without begging time from IT?

Are you testing end users for mastery?

If you don’t….don’t say I didn’t warn you….

he will be in your basement FOREVER

basement boy

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

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