Making CRM 2011 and IE11 work together

CRM 2011 and Internet Explorer 11 (IE11)

With Internet Explorer 11 being pushed out as part of the Windows Updates, consideration needs to be provided on the compatibility of the CRM 2011 with IE11.

When logging into CRM in IE11 using the URL:, you will be re-directed to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM ‘Mobile Express’ site. That site looks something like this:

CRM 2011 and IE11

So what are the potential workarounds to avoid this?  There are three options available:

Option 1


Option 2

  • Use the IE Developer Tools to set the browser mode to IE10.
    • Browse to your CRM UR
    • Hit F12 ke
    • Select the “Emulation” setting
    • Set the “User agent string” to “Internet Explorer 10
    • Browse back to the CRM URL

Option 3

Use Chrome or Firefox.  This options require the CRM 2011 environment be upgraded to UR12 or above. Upgrading to UR12 or above requires validating that custom functionality works correctly in Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox.

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