CRM Resolutions for 2013

Organizing your personal preferences in CRM is a great way to start your day, review your upcoming events, and utilize the features of Microsoft Dynamics CRM® 2011. Below are a few easy ways to stay organized in 2013!

1. Setting up your personal preferences:

In your CRM options menu, update the below fields on the “General” tab.

    • What page in CRM do you use most often? What page would you like to set as your home page/landing page? If you review your dashboards frequently or like the visual reminder of your activities, you can set it as your default pane and default tab. (A)
    • Do you use the “Get Started” pane? If not, disable it. It will add more real estate to your CRM form. (B)
    • Set your records per page. By default, CRM list 50 records per page. We recommend changing it to 250. (C)
    • Check that your time zone and current are correctly set. (D)

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2. Stay Organized with Dashboards

One of the best ways to put everything you need in one spot in CRM is on a personal dashboard that you can set on your home screen and see all your major needs. As described in this blog, you can set a home screen that CRM will start on every time you open it and you can set a default page for every entity. But what if you want to see more than one CRM aspect right away?

Setting up a personal dashboard will allow you to choose up to 6 different views on one screen. Not only will you be able to put in the views such as your daily activities for the day, you can also put charts within the dashboard to measure any kind of progress to suit your needs!

Here are just a few of the countless examples of dashboards:

  • This dashboard put personal “Activitiy” views all in one dashboard so you don’t have to toggle between different views

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  • This dashboard captures a few measurement charts as well as an opportunity and activity view

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3. The “What’s New” Feature

“What’s New” is an exciting new feature of Dynamics CRM 2011 which allows users to follow their fellow colleagues, certain accounts, etc. for up-to-the-minute activity. It is similar to an internal social media page. Below is an example of the items users can follow.

The “Activity Feeds” comes in a solution which is free to download, just make sure you have rollup five installed for it to function.

Ashley Blog 5

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to keep organized in CRM. All it takes if a few clicks and turns and you can determine what works best for you!

To learn more about the Edgewater CRM practice, click here.

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