Maximizing BPM Benefit

When faced with the elusive question, “How do I maximize my long-term benefit?”, remember these two key principles:

  • BPM should be a continuous learning cycle.
  • New process improvement ideas can come from unexpected places.

As part of our recent research study on organizations across a dozen industries who have implemented a BPM solution in the past 3-5 years, the following quote from a Financial Services company representative highlights this point:

“You must know what BPM tools do best. Once you’ve catered your initial processes based on this core functionality, it is essential to then learn what else the tool can do for you. You must constantly be in a learning mode.”

With a BPM suite, by increasing its use, you increase its value. As users become more fluent in the concept of process management and broaden their understanding of the functionality and capabilities of the tool, they uncover more and more opportunities to increase productivity and quality in their daily activities.

Today’s BPM suites have so much functionality that you can actually create unnecessary risk if you try to do too much in the first few processes.  Let the concepts sink in, let the team get used to it. Before you know it, they will be bringing new suggestions on what else to improve/tweak/change.  Consider incentivizing the staff to generate new ideas.

Organizations that use their BPM for one or two processes can realize significant benefits and cost savings.  But the organizations who have realized the most benefit from their BPM implementation have truly embraced the concept of continuous improvement using BPM to improve traceability, visibility, accuracy and speed of their processes.

These days, saving money and improving processes is everyone’s responsibility. Gone are the days of “I-just-work-here”.  Everyone up and down the process chain will play a part in maximizing your organization’s benefit from BPM.  Keep the communication feedback channels (and your ears) open…

2 thoughts on “Maximizing BPM Benefit

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