Cloud Killer App: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

The new darling of the technical media and every product company, Cloud Computing, is searching for it’s Killer Application.  That seems to be the topic of every article and PR announcement.  Every show and seminar proclaims to have previews or insights to this great new Holy Grail. This Grail is the software that will launch the Cloud Computing platform to prominence and make everybody billions.  Really! Whatever they are smoking can I get some too!  What totally scares me is being “one” with Larry Ellison.  How did I ever get in this philosophical state?

During prehistoric times as a college student, a professor of mine returned a paper I submitted with a simple comment; “If this is the solution, what was the problem again?”.  The professor gave me the Stalinistic “opportunity” to resubmit the paper with either the same or (hint hint) modified solution (wrong choice: Gulag for you).  Believing he was the south-side of a north-bound mule, I knew there was a trick to this situation.  Disassembling the paper logical thread by logical thread revealed he was right; the solution the paper proposed did not map to the original case study problem and an all night typewriter-based re-write was in order ( I hate when that happens!).

Pardon the rambling dementia, but we have the same situation here, Cloud Computing does not necessarily lead to a new Killer Application.  Logically, Cloud Computing will lead to a new range of hardware, not software innovation.   Cloud Computing presents the opportunity not to be enslaved to a classic server based data center or even a PC.  It will supercharge mobile computing via advanced cellphones and drive further mobile gadget innovation.  Cloud Computing drives pervasive computing, that is it’s Killer Application.

Image courtesy of King Megatrip

2 thoughts on “Cloud Killer App: Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places

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