Over at The Enterprise, there is an interesting report on the recent Alliance of Mergers & Acquisition Advisors Summer Conference. It brings into convergence two categories of interest here at the Edgewater blog.

On the M&A side, the summary points to a current climate that demands more rigorous due diligence. It has a caveat for buyers concerning deffered capital expenditures, and this is certainly something we look for (and found on some of our recent IT due diligence engagements) when analyzing the IT landscape for hidden risks.

The more interesting content in this article concerns the convergence of M&A and Web 2.0, however. The post cites Web 2.0 and social networks as a means to bring together buyers and sellers and reduce transaction costs by making it easier to find specific talent to work on an acquisition. We’ve certainly noticed this trend on sites like LinkedIn, where buyers and sellers are trying to connect on the M&A Answers forum.

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