Building the web 2.0 corporate website

Welcome to the revolution.

We are in the Midst of redoing our website and take advantage of the opportunity to examine recent trends and technologies and their impact on corporate website development. We’ll post some insights and share our thought process leading to the new site.

We have decided to build a new thing: a web 2.0 centric corporate site. Built upon the attitudes of web 2.0 and using some of the best practices, if not necessarily the flashiest interfaces.
We also decided to take a web 2.0 development approach as well. It means not spending months in requirement definition trying to envision future needs of our users. Instead we will take an iterative approach and release the site item by item as they are defined and implemented.

Yes we know the Agile movement had that down over 10 years ago but rarely externally transparent through each of the iterations. We intend to release each of the iterations. Put it out there and go back and improve one step at a time.
Our steps are basically:

  1. Set a clear strategy and common frame of reference for how we see web 2.0
  2. Select a collaborative platform (In our case, Sharepoint 2007 we had previously used for our Intranet)
  3. Migrate the site as is
  4. Start improving.
  • Design
  • Templates
  • Content
  • Keywords
  • Rich media
  • Collaboration
  • Discussions
  • Search
  • Etc..

We hope this approach create a live and lively site that grows based on ever changing needs and priorities and is a perpetual work in progress.

We want it to be a center of our online presence but by no means the only online presence.

We hope it becomes a blueprint for the next generation of sites and their transformation for dynamic brochure-ware they currently are to true collaborative communities.
Let us know what you think of our progress.

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